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Totoro Punch Needle Kit
Totoro Punch Needle Kit
Totoro Punch Needle Kit
Totoro Punch Needle Kit
Totoro Punch Needle Kit

Totoro Punch Needle Kit

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Have you ever seen movie 'My Neighbor Totoro'. If you did, we are sure you love it! And with our punch needle kit you will be able to bring him to life in your home! This punch needle kit includes all the materials and accessories you need to enter the world of handcrafting! No complicated instructions or techniques! From ages 6 to 100, man or woman, child or adult, everyone can do it! Challenge your own skills and try creating something with punch needle!

And if you feel like your house would use a personal touch, try making something personal with punch needle and hang it in your house! In our kits you get additional monk's cloth so you can design something yourself! You will be also able to gather your family togheter and tighten your relationship by spending some time on creative arts!

This kit can also be easily gifted to any embroidery fan! No handcrafting fan ever said 'hell no' to this, so you can be sure they will be delighted with it!

This kit includes:
- Adjustable Punch Needle Pen with a threader
- One Plastic Punch Needle Hoop (21cm in diameter)
- Monk's Cloth (size: 28cm*28cm)
- Monk's Cloth with the selected pattern printed on it
- Set of Yarn for the selected pattern

So you get everything you need to start your newest hobby with it! All you have to do is order and punch needle!

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"Try Needle Punching - unleash your creativity and show your inner artist soul!


Jakub Konopka

WHY Punch Needle?

Check our what makes us so special!

  • 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Gather your family together and tighten your relationship by spending some time on creative arts!
  • 🌟 By choosing Needle Hobby kits you get everything you need to start your journey with Punch Needling in one pack.
  • 🤔 Lacking a sense of accomplishment? Try needle punching and watch as you create beautiful art from scratch with your own hands!
  • 🥱 Bored with mindlessly scrolling your phone? Try needle punching! Forget about your phone and relax by needling!
  • 💪 You don't have to be handcraft master to start! It's easy for everyone and with just a little bit of practice, you can create beautiful crafts!
  • 🎁 Always wanted to gift your loved ones a handmade gift? Now you can with Punch Needle! It's super easy and you'll be able to do anything you can imagine!
  • 😒 Bored on quarantine? Try needle punching! It will drive your mind away from boredom and stresses of isolation and focus them on creative arts!
  • 🧶 Feeling like your house would use a personal touch? Try making something personal with a punch needle and hang it in your house!
  • 🎨 Do you feel like wasting your art potential? Try Needle Punching- unleash your creativity and show your inner artist soul!

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The Wall Street Journal

The Spruce Crafts

Craft Industry Alliance

The New York Times Magazine


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Reviews from our clients

"At first I thought to myself that I'll maybe do one or two designs, but now I just can't stop making more and more!"

Viola, source: Instagram

"If I had to say one thing about punch needling I'd say that it's much easier than I would ever imagine! I went from beginner to pro in just few evenings! And now even my 8yo is helping me and he is going just as fast as me!"

Anna, source: Instagram

"I bought a basic set from Needle Hobby for my elder mother and she absolutely loves it! It's very easy for her even tho she has problems with manual precision and now she keeps on punching! It literally gave back her happiness of making something by herself"

Paula, source: Instagram

I always wanted to keep my two daughters away from TV when possible and I've tried many different things but only Needle Punching kept them away for good! "

Monica, source: Instagram

" Straight up - LOVE IT! Simple yet addictive and relaxing. Came in a complete kit, I just opened it and started needling!"

Ania, source: Instagram

"I never really liked handcrafting but then i got a kit from Needle Hobby as a gift from my boyfriend and it completely changed the way I feel about craftsmanship! Now I can bearly think about anything else, damn I even dream about it!!!"

Agnes, source: Instagram

"Can't lie, I really like it. Came in a kit with everything I needed to start punch needling and it was pretty easy to get good at. Really enjoy it.

Karolina, source: Instagram

Frequently asked questions

To get started with punch needle embroidery, you need only a few special supplies: A punch needle pen, a frame, fabric backing - yarn - all of which you can find in our shop

Punch needle embroidery is the craft technique of using a punch needle tool to loop yarn, floss, or ribbon through monk’s cloth or burlap fabric to create a pattern or design. Punch needle embroidery is a relatively simple craft. It’s easy to pick up the basic techniques in just a few hours of practice. To get started, you need four things: a punch needle tool yarn a piece of foundation fabric, like monk’s cloth and a hoop or frame

Yes! Our kits come with everything you will need to start your new hobby, that includes: punch needle, yarn, monks cloth, hoop, and a design

Punch needle embroidery is a relatively simple craft. It’s easy to pick up the basic techniques in just a few hours of practice. No one should have problems with picking up this hobby with few minutes of practise

Of course! All you will need is a Pencil or Water-Erasable Marker and some imagination. Just draw whatever you like on your monk's cloth and Punch Needle!


Some of the common reasons for yarn slipping are as follows: Pulling the needle up too far when moving to the next hole - If the needle is pulled away from the fabric far enough, the yarn will come out completely. To fix, control the outtake of your needle so that it grazes the fabric as you move to the next hole. Yarn is too thick - If a yarn is too thick, it cannot work its way into the fabric far enough to stay as you move over. Or the thickness makes it hard to pull over to the next hole and you pull it out. Most yarn weights (3, 4, 5) will work in the Adjustable needle or the Oxford Regular needles. Yarn weight 6 is sometimes tricky. I've had some yarn weight 6 work and some that just won't stay in. The yarn is getting trapped - The yarn tail coming from your needle has to be able to move freely. There are 2 common reasons the yarn gets trapped. Yarn tail is too short - let out a good amount of yarn from your ball as you work. I typically do a couple arm lengths at a time. Your hand (or something else) is pinning the yarn against the frame - I still do this sometimes, it’s easy to do. As you work, your yarn tail is trapped with your arm or even between crevices in your shirt. To prevent, remember to leave your yarn tail free.

Most likely, your loops are coming out because you are pulling your needle tip too far away from the surface of your fabric in between stitches. If you pull your needle too far out of the fabric, the stitch comes out with it. To fix this, try to keep the tip of the needle in contact with the surface of the fabric as you pull out and move along your row of stitches. Remember that there is nothing actually holding your loops in place except the tension in the weave of the fabric and the friction of all the stitches packed together. So, if you pull out too far, the loop comes right out with the needle tool. The second reason why your stitches aren’t staying in could be that there is tension on your yarn. You want to keep your yarn held loosely — it needs to be able to flow freely through your punch needle. If it is caught up on something, or you are accidentally resting your frame or elbow on the yarn, the tension will pull the loops out. If that doesn’t fix the problem, double check that you are holding your punch needle tool so that it’s facing the direction of your stitches. Make sure that you are holding the punch needle like a pen and positioning it perpendicular to the fabric. The open/slanted edge of the needle faces in the direction you are moving across the fabric. Make sure the tail of your thread is trailing behind where you are punching.

If your backing fabric is showing through on the front side of your work, it means that you are punching too far apart for the size of the yarn that you are using. Either your stitches or your rows of stitches are punched too far apart from each other. The appropriate space between rows and stitches depends on the thickness of the yarn you have chosen. For most, 4-6 stitches per inch is appropriate. If you need to fix empty holes, you can go back over a punched section and add more stitches. This will add loops on the front by adding additional stitches on the back side.

If you don’t like an area, you can pull your stitches back out. Go slow and be careful, so you don’t rip out too much. To fix any lingering punch marks in the monk’s cloth, run your fingernail over the fabric to close up the holes in the weave. Then, just try again!

Of course! All you will need is a Pencil or Water-Erasable Marker and some imagination. Just draw whatever you like on your monk's cloth and Punch Needle!