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How to Punch Needle

  1. Stretch the Fabric. Our Punch Needle No-slip Hoop in combination with our Linen Punch Needle Material works best for this. It is important to stretch the fabric tightly in hoop for best results.
  2. Thread the Needle Tool. For this step, our Punch Needle works great with our Punch Needle Yarn Set. First, pass the threader up through the needle end. Pass the punch needle yarn through the metal loop sticking out. Then, pull the threader out of the tool. Next, insert the threader into the front of the eye of the needle. Insert the punch needle yarn and pull the threader through. With that done, you’re ready to punch.
  3. Start to punch. To start, outline your design with stitches. Insert your needle, leaving a small tail of yarn through the eye of the needle, and the rest of the yarn out through the handle. Punch your needle tool straight down, making sure the shaft of your needle has gone all the way down. Gently pull your needle back up. Move the needle along the surface of the fabric a small distance, and punch again. (Don’t pull your needle too far away from the surface of the fabric!) To change directions, turn your needle in the down position.
  4. Keep on Punching. As you go, you’ll see a line of flat stitches on the back and small loops on the front. Continue filling in your design by following your transferred design on the fabric. To change colors, rethread your needle with more yarn. Insert the tool as before, leaving a small tail as you did with the very first stitch. You don’t need to tie any knots. The tension of the fabric will keep your stitches in place.
  5. Made a Mistake? If you make a mistake or a stitch doesn’t want to stay in, gently pull on the punch needle yarn to undo the work. Gently scratch over the fabric to erase any mistake punch holes, and punch the area over again.
  6. Finishing. When you’re done punching, simply trim your thread, leaving a small tail on the “right” side of your work. Remember, no knots are needed.

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